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The afterlife. Throughout human history, the idea that humans have souls that survive their physical death has been a never-ending source of debate. From neolithic shamans who spoke of traveling in other worlds, to the famous 19th century Spiritualist fascination with psychics and mediums, we have always been tantalized by glimpses of our possible immortality.

In modern society, however, investigation of these topics has largely been frowned upon. Organized religions say that such things should not be tested - to do so is to doubt the deity in question, and we should instead show faith. Mainstream science and self-appointed skeptics, on the other hand, say that such things should not be tested because they are quite obviously nonsense and a waste of time - to do so is to admit that you are perhaps a little unhinged.

However, both organized religion and mainstream science ignore two key facts. Firstly, that neither of them are no longer answering the profound questions of personal existence (and non-existence) that all of us ask ourselves in those quiet moments alone. And secondly, that for centuries there has been a steady accumulation of evidence - that we can all assess - which is suggestive of the idea that our consciousness in some way survives the moment of death.

This site is for those who would like to assess the evidence for the afterlife themselves, rather than relying on 'authorities'.